Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding your future art or music lesson? We'll try to answer them here!

Q. Can I wait while my child has their lesson?

A. Of course! You’re welcome to relax in our comfortable lounge area where you’ll also be able to enjoy FREE access to our high-speed internet connection via your own web-enabled device or one of complimentary computer stations.

Q. Will there be a performance once the lesson program is complete?

A. Yes. At the end of every semester all of our private students are given the opportunity to perform at one of our hour-long student recitals. B’Ginnings level rock bands perform at the iSchool lounge and iBand musicians perform at our “Big Gig” which is at a live music venue in either Long Island or New York City.

Q. What if my child wants to drop. Can I get a refund?

A. Yes. Within the first 4 weeks of registering you are entitled to a full refund on all remaining classes minus the performance fee. You are entitled to iSchool credit after the 4th week.

Q. My child wants to switch instruments or teachers mid-semester, can we do this?

A. Yes. The comfort of our students is one of our primary concerns, and we’ll be happy to grant any transfer requests you may have.

Q. How do I know the teacher is a good match for my child?

A. Finding the right instructor for every student is something we take extra care to ensure. We survey the expectations of every student and take this into consideration upon class assignment. We always try to create an ideal teacher-student team to make sure you get the most out of your art or music lessons.

Q. I want to take music lessons but don't have an instrument. Do I really need to buy one?

A. Yes. In order to get the most out of any type of instruction, one needs the proper tools to succeed. Our faculty and staff can direct you what to purchase, where and approximate cost. iSchool does have pianos, the most comprehensive drum & percussion studio in Nassau County and electric guitars for students to use at iSchool.

Q. Do I need to purchase a piano for piano lessons?

A. Not necessarily depending on the level. Many beginners can get through the first semester with a good quality electronic keyboard for under $200.

Q. What about drums, does my child need a drumset?

A. Eventually, yes. The drumset is often the motivating factor for children to play the drums. One may start on a snare drum, but students are quickly bored with just one drum. Would a pianist be satisfied learning piano on just one key? Beginner quality drum sets can be purchased for as little as $399.

Q. Do you rent instruments?

A. No. Our facility does not own or rent any string, brass or woodwind instruments. Our specialty is education, and there are many reputable online sites that sell and rent instruments.

Q. How old does one need to be to start music lessons?

A. iSchool offers introductory music classes for children as young as 3. Other general guidelines are age 5 for piano, 6 for drums, 9 for woodwinds and 6 for guitar, but there are always exceptions depending on a child’s ability to stay focused.

Q. How long should I practice?

A. There are no hard and fast rules but, generally speaking, 15 minutes each day for beginners and up to an hour or more a day for advanced students. 30 minutes is a good general rule for intermediate players. It is best to establish a daily routine to achieve the best results.

Q. What instrument should my child play? Isn't the piano the best to start with?

A. We encourage children to choose the instrument that they are most excited about when it comes to his or her music lesson. While the piano provides a wonderful foundation, if a child isn’t interested practicing will be a challenge and could possibly discourage them from playing.

Q. Does iSchool have lessons for adults?

A. Yes; you’re never too old to enjoy playing a musical instrument! Most of our adult students take lessons during the day or later in the evening.

Q. What if I miss a lesson, can I make it up?

A. We have a very reasonable lesson policy and under almost all circumstances, yes, missed lessons can be made up.

Q. What if my child comes home sick, can I still make the lesson up?

A. Yes. Please refer to iSchool lesson policy.

Q. My child wants to play the drum set, what can I do?

A. Purchase a set of good quality ear plugs for everyone in your household.