Visual Arts Programs

ABC's of painting & drawing


Petite Picassos… ABC’s of painting & drawing

Ages 3–5, 5–7 

Learn the basics of art and drawing based on age level in this weekly hour-long class. Colored pencils, acrylic paint and oil pastels are just a few of the mediums you’ll work with on your way to a number of creative projects!

Once you’ve completed the art lessons in Petite Picassos, move on to Monet & Matisse art lessons, for ages 8–10, where you will further develop your new skills!


Monet & Matisse… Painting with expression

Ages 8-11 Prerequisite: 1 year art class experience

Monet & Matisse is for those who have mastered the basic skills of painting and drawing. This program encourages students to develop a style of their own while also referencing trend setting artists.

Pencil, acrylic, pastels, ink and charcoal are just some of the mediums students use in this weekly, hour long class


Animated Video… your characters come alive!

Ages 9–11 Prerequisite: 1 year cartooning experience

Once you’ve covered the basic art lessons in cartooning and your character is designed, learn to make ’em move and groove with our Animated Video program! You’ll learn storyboard creation, set design, claymation and video production skills that will come in handy as you enter the world of movie magic!


Portrait & Figure Drawing… life like qualities on paper

Ages 10+

Learn the advanced steps in portrait and figure creation with art lessons that utilize pencil, charcoal, pastels, ink and paint. From self-portraits to gesture drawing and animal prints, the possibilities are endless — and you can learn and practice them all right here, with a little inspiration!


Cartooning… cartoon & comic creation

Ages 7–10

If you like to mix cartoon characters with your art lessons, this is the program for you! Whether you prefer recreating well-known figures or long to develop your own character, we provide the hands-on training, materials and motivation you need!