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Anne Khan


  • Rockville Center
  • Syosset

I adore all styles of art and artists, from Monet’s impressionistic landscapes to Rauschenberg’s collages. I love using all types of medium, such as clay, watercolor, and acrylic paint and I especially enjoy using these mediums together to create something interesting and original. The more I experiment within the arts the more I find myself to be intrigued. Exposure to art and the creative process fed into my interests and caused a spark in my curiosity. I believe that art is about problem solving. As a young artist, I found that with some guidance in my techniques and some encouragement I could produce something creative and original. I love sharing my appreciation and passion for art with children. In doing this, I drive towards stimulating minds to create the same spark that had enlightened me. I received my Master’s of Science in Art Education and have a New York State Teaching Certification in Visual Arts (K-12). I also received my certification in Technology, in which I hold the title of Educational Technology Specialist. I believe that in the 21st Century, technology is making great strides in enhancing all areas of modern life, especially art and design.

  • Holds a NYS Teaching Certification in Visual Arts (K-12).
  • Earned Master’s Degree of Science in Art Education from Long Island University.