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John Austin

John Austin


  • Port Washington
  • Syosset

I am an active chamber and orchestral performer in the greater NYC area where I am a member of the Manhattan & Bergen Symphonies. In addition to my classical roots, I have recorded and performed live with numerous folk, jazz, and hip-hop groups. I served as the University of North Carolina School of the Arts viola teaching assistant while pursuing my undergraduate degree in viola performance there. I was also a member of the Asheville and Winston-Salem Symphonies while in NC. I am an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique teacher. I have taught AT lessons and lectured at Columbia and McGill Universities. I was also trained at the American Center for the Alexander Technique in Manhattan.

Quick description of AT:
Often described as Zen for westerners plus driver’s education for the body; practice of the Alexander Technique leads to freedom from chronic muscular and skeletal pain, improved coordination, increased range of motion, fuller and easier breathing, clearer and fuller voice and speech, increased tone in the musculature, decreased anxiety, clearer thinking, and a stronger sense of presence.

The AT is particularly helpful for musicians because it prevents common playing related injuries while simultaneously allowing for more easeful holding and playing of instruments and breathing. AT practice leads to increased accuracy and coordination of muscles, improved pitch, greater stage presence and decreased performance anxiety. It is taught at Juilliard and most major conservatories.

  • Active chamber and orchestra member of Manhattan and Bergen Symphonies in NYC
  • Certified AmSAT certified Alexander Technique instructor
  • Received Undergraduate Degree from University of North Carolina in Viola Performance.