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Music Apps VS. Teachers

Music Apps VS. Teachers: Authentic Music Lessons in a Media-Centric World

“The days of going to music lessons are over.”

At least this is what some feel is true! To us, there is nothing comparable to experience of a one-on-one interpersonal and individualized lesson with a teacher. Music lessons, amidst the sports, extracurricular clubs and activities on top of mounting school work seems like a hefty load—and it sure is!

Given everyone’s busy schedules and the modern age of media we live in, to consider a virtual alternative to learning music may be intriguing for some. There is a vast variety of apps, videos and websites available on demand and at our fingertips. Which adds to the attraction; at any time, you can pick up your iPad and learn. Why go out of your way to travel to a lesson?

We are enormous advocates for the in-school experience for students and do not believe media to be an appropriate singular source for learning. We also believe that media and its many avenues for education can act as a fantastic supplement to a student’s musical-learning journey. We believe individualized, in-person lessons to be the best and media to be deemed a supplement because:

  • Human Connection

Music is about so much more than just learning to play notes and chords. Teachers are physically necessary to inspire, intrigue emotion and to drive passion within students. A real relationship between teacher and student can also be a catalyst to encourage students to continue to pursue their goals!

  • Personal Touch

Students, especially the young ones just starting, will sometimes need help placing their hands on the instrument correctly. This is true also for replacing fingers on keys or strings to ensure proper posture and technique.

  • Artistry

Students can ask questions about technique, expressiveness and artistry with a professional who understands these elements in music. Plunking out notes and eventually learning to play songs will never be all there is to music. It is meant to tell a story and invoke emotions!

  • Interpersonal Skill Development

Face-to-face interaction is so critical to the learning experience. Working collaboratively and learning in a school setting with a teacher helps students acquire fundamental, interpersonal skills along with their music education. This adds value to the lessons!


We believe media to be an excellent tool that can be inserted into the learning process and enhancing it. For example, our teachers use apps to record, utilize metronomes (tempo-keeping tool) and playing instrumentals for practice. We also have a fabulous program called Young Artists, where students are put into interactive contact by means of social media outside of the school setting with their private teachers to improve the quality of their practice time. In this class, students also learn the monumental influence music has had on media such as movies, art and other forms of entertainment. If you already are plugged into iSchool and its awesome opportunities for individualized, exciting learning experiences, then AWESOME! We hope to continue to provide unique and exciting ways to inspire learning!


Written By: Allana Cobham, iSchool of Music + Art Syosset Manager

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