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Why Learn Music?

As a parent, you may wonder, “why invest money and time into something that may not be beneficial to my child’s future?” Sure, not every child aspires to be center stage with a mic in hand or playing professionally as a member of a symphonic orchestra. We advocate, however, that music can enhance cognitive, social and emotional development in all students, young and old! There’s quite a lot of facts to support our stance, too. Here are some reasons why anyone and everyone should consider learning music:

1)      Music can build life-long confidence.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, HOW do these seasoned musicians go up on stage in front of large crows without fear and just perform?” Learning music gives students many opportunities, both in lessons and on stage, to grow their self-confidence. Nailed that guitar lick you’ve been struggling with for weeks? Finally got up and sang that Italian aria that you never thought you’d master? These things can surely encourage a student not just in the realm of music, but in their overall self-image.

2)      Music teaches patience and discipline.

Learning an instrument demands perseverance and commitment. Where there are so many stops on the journey to learning that are fun, some can be challenging and can require students to work tirelessly for long periods of time. In the end, the product of this can be higher levels in patience towards oneself and others. Also, the discipline needed to keep at it until you “get it” can positively influence students for years to come!

3)      Music provides a fun, exciting and new social experience that will improve social skills.

Rehearsing in an ensemble, learning with a teacher and rocking out with a band are all unique and fun learning environments that build students social constructs. That sense of “family” and comfort when you’re all endeavoring in something you love as a group is truly something special. The friendships made and the relationships that flourish through the teacher/student experience are social experiences that music provides and aids in overall social development.

4)      MUSIC IS FUN!

Music is a proven stress reliever that reaps amazing rewards to those who are dedicated to their love for learning. Everyone learns at different paces and no two students are alike. At iSchool, our teachers devote their time in lessons and rehearsals to cultivating an environment where students are excited to learn. Whether a student is 4 years old just starting out or 40 years old dying to learn the guitar, iSchool has individualized learning experiences for every student that help to make music a passion, not a pain. Learning an instrument most definitely has its challenges, but as anyone can clearly see, the rewards outweigh the obstacles.

-Written by: Allana Cobham, iSchool of Music + Art Syosset Manager

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