No camp fires or roasted marshmallows.
Just Rock concerts and music Videos that you'll star in!

All Camp Ages: 7-9 & 10-14
Monday - Friday 9:30 - 3:30

Musical Theater Summer Camp

Are you looking for a chance to learn about theater while stepping out on stage? Then come out to iSchool's Musical Theater Camp! This camp will help you learn about stage direction, help you discover your true self while jumping into the life of a character, and give you ample amount of support to reach your fullest potential all while having fun and meeting new people. We are excited to have the chance to work with you all this summer! Let discover new heights in theater and take on this adventure together!

A Music Festival In Italy

A Musical Festival in Italy

iSchool is the exclusive pre-college program representative for Casalmaggiore International Music Festival. We combine our touch of musical nurturing and inspiration with the festivals comprehensive and exciting curriculum. A great opportunity for students who want to dramatically develop their abilities as a performer while exploring Italian culture!

Camp, Music Videos

Music Video Camp

Your child will sing and star in the 1 week camp while working with music and video directors! Participants create the script, act and sing along to background tracks to create their MTV style video! The 2 week camp has the kids recording the soundtrack, performing a rock concert and acting to their soundtrack. A field trip is also included and may include an on-location video shoot!Both camps have instrumental. jam sessions for everyone to experience drums, guitar and keyboards.

Rock Camp

Rock Band Camp

If your child has ever dreamed of becoming a genuine rock star, this is the camp for them!
The 1 week camp consists of jam sessions, songwriting, music videos and a mid-week trip. Friday at 2pm is the rock concert for family and friends to enjoy! Beginners welcome!

Art Camp

 Art Camp

Young artists will stretch their imaginations during this weekly Art Camp. Discover the fundamentals of drawing and painting while exploring materials and innovative techniques. Students will explore their creativity by on paintings, printmaking, installations and collages. They will also gain a broad knowledge of art, from many different time periods, as well as a strong focus on contemporary artists.

Glee Club Camp

Glee Club Camp

If your child enjoys high-energy, exciting singing in a group setting, this camp is for them! Students will learn how to sing and perform songs in varying voice parts. This camp will allow students to learn essential performance techniques while singing music from a variety of genres.

Music Camp for Special Needs

Music Camp for Special Needs

This camp will specialize in co-operative musical exploration and play for those students who have special needs. Students will be exposed to an exciting array of jazz, folk, and world-music traditions in a calm, relaxing environment. Children will certainly reap musical, social and developmental benefits from this camp experience.