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Art of Music

The Art of Music

A journey to discover why the world loves music!

Students will explore the connection between music and other art forms, such as painting, games and film. During this class, music will not just be an array of abstract sounds. Rather, music will be a tangible element to be seen, touched and felt with the heart. Students will discover how emotions are expressed within music and how much helps learning, expression and healing. The class is a journey to find the deep reason why we all love music! The course is coupled with a selection of live music concerts that students will attend to bring enlightenment to the course. Age 7-17

Music Explorer

Music Explorer… Not sure what instrument to pick for your child? This is the class!

Ages 5-7 A 19 week program that provides an opportunity for your child to explore piano, drums and guitar. This could be the program for your child if you are unsure what instrument your child may enjoy.

Rythym King

King Rhythm… A guide to rhythm for the visual learner.

Using a backstory of a medieval kingdom; children learn from characters such as Sir Quarter note, Friar Whole note, Princess Syncopation, a ferocious 16th note dragon and many more. During the process they learn to improvise and compose while learning the essentials of rhythm. This incredibly fun and entertaining program sets a rock solid foundation for continued learning on any instrument.

Program cool music theory

Cool Music Theory… Music Theory has never been so cool!

This is not the music theory class that will put you to sleep. It is easy, effective and fun! Did you know that “Someone Like You” by Adele, “Let It Be” by The Beatles, and “No Woman No Cry” by Bob Marley all use the same chord progression? Do you want to write your own song? Then this would be the class for you!