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Check our our Music Camp offerings to keep your child inspired all summer!

Please Note some music camps may not be available at your location be sure to click here to find out!


King Rhythm Camp

A fun, 3 day, multimedia immersion camp that uses a backstory of a medieval kingdom to aid young students in mastering the essentials of rhythm. Ages 4 & 5.

Music Explorers

A group class that allows students to explore a multitude of instruments all while learning the basics of rhythm, pitch and music theory. Play fun interactive games,
while playing on some popular instruments like piano, drums, or guitar/ukulele. Ages 5-6

From Classic To Rock

Music Video Camp Special Edition

iSchool introduces a new, special edition of our classic Music Video camp! Students will spend a week virtually interacting, learning and rehearsing with iSchool students in Shanghai, China. Over the course of one week, the two bands in two different languages will create an awesome music video together! Let’s blend the very best of what two of the largest cities in the world have to offer. 7,362 miles won’t stop two awesome bands from fusing their talent and creating an international, creative bond! Ages: 7yrs and Up

Rock Band Camp

Intro Camp- Minimal to No Experience
Advance Camp – ½ semester or more of Lessons
A week long (5 days a week) camp that give children the experience of what it’s like to be a musician in a rock band. Daily activities include on-to-one music instruction, rehearsals, jam sessions and an end of the week concert. Ages: 7yrs and Up

iProductions Camp

Join us this summer for our iProduction Music Camp! The purpose of this week-long camp is to have students learn to write and produce their own original songs. They may also learn to personalize their favorite song with their own original arrangement, or “cover.” iSchool will teach students how produce and record using the popular program, “GarageBand,” that is available for free on every on iMac and iPad and even iPhones! This will encourage camp students to use either a laptop/iMac over an iPad. Heads up, as in most classes–no phones allowed! In this camp, we will cover subjects like basic music theory, piano/keyboard, introductory recording science, command of signal flow and routing. Songwriting, beat-making, and lyric writing is where students will get creative each day! They’ll learn production techniques, like how to use plug ins, EQ’s and compressor correctly (and what they are). They’ll learn how to go from idea, to a demo then on to mixed tracks.

The camp will give students the options to work as a team and collaborate together or as a solo-artist and producer. Students will need to bring an Apple device (laptop or iPad) with GarageBand already installed. They’ll also need to bring a pair of headphones. Student can choose to bring a midi controller or keyboard with a usb or midi audio interface like iRig2, Pro, or Avid Mbox 3. Let’s create some awesome music together! Age: 10 and up

Songs And Scenes Musical Theater Camp

Our Songs and Scenes camp is a 2 week long (5 day a week) camp where you can improve your vocal and acting techniques while learning songs and scenes from your favorite musicals. Enjoy learning about musicals past and present all while playing acting games and preparing for our end of camp performance! Ages: 9 years old and up.

One Week Intensive Piano Camp

Join a skilled piano instructor in a one week long intensive camp experience. Students will dive into varying repertoire, learn the essentials of ear training and practice collectively and individually under the tutelage of one of our top piano teachers. Students will learn essential music theory and even explore music through physical movement in “Music Yoga.” There will also be a performance class, going over the varying elements of performance. Join our Piano Camp and grow in your ability as a young pianist!

Cello Intensive Camp

Expand your strength in cello playing in our week long Cello Weekly intensive camp. During this week-long camp, students will unpack important ear training techniques. Students will also practice alongside their peers and individually with a fabulous cello instructor. There will be an exciting “Tool Box” portion to the course, going over the important details of tuning, changing cello strings and more. Students will also have a blast during the performance class; going over performance fundamentals and preparing to play in a collective ensemble.

Don’t miss out on a fun, enriching week exploring the Cello during this camp!


Youtube My Violin Camp

Grow in your ability and performance while building your very own virtual repertoire. In this one week long “YouTube My Violin” camp, students will delve into ear training as well as ensemble performance. Students will also practice collectively and individually while growing and expanding their abilities in performance. What’s exciting and unique: students will record, build, and create their individual unique YouTube channels, showcasing their hard work and varying pieces within their knowledge. This is topped with an enriching performance class, where students will learn more about the essentials of performing. Expand your horizons as a violinist in this unique and fun, week long camp.

International Camp

A Musiktage am Rhein:  iSchool of Music + Art will participate in their third annual musical festival entitled Musiktage am Rhein in Germany. This prestigious, unique learning experience is for all young artists who desire to grow in their love for the world’s music and it’s rich history! Students who study voice, violin, cello, piano, viola, drums or guitar can join us for an enriching time learning from European masters of music and performing as part of rock bands, ensembles or a string quartet!

Casalmaggiore International Music Festival

This is a highly prestigious festival where the only way attend is to be accepted via audition. The iSchool Edition of this special festival combines the best of both worlds; iSchool’s touch of nurturing and inspiration amidst the festivals’ curriculum. For this years iSchool’s collaboration with Casalmaggiore, we have our string and piano students to Italy.  There will be opportunities to perform in multiple ensembles and in professional concerts during the 3 week stay. This is a great opportunity for students who want to expand their musical abilities and out of their comfort zone. With daily lessons, ensembles, and concerts to immerse in, your child will take a huge leap in his/her Music playing. 

The “i” in iSchool of Music & Art stands for INSPIRATION. Our students are educated through inspiration, demostration and performance to bring out.

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